• Tailorable Software Without Programming
    Our solutions can be tailored to meet your business without involving custom programming.  Screens can be changed, business flow can be altered and special business alerts can be created all without programming.  No messy upgrades do deal with.
  • Robust Reporting Options
    Reports provided with our solutions are based on standard tools (such as Crystal Reports) so that users can modify or add their own reports and not rely on outside consultants
  • Powerful Integration Tools
    Our clients are expecting solutions that can integrate with existing software.  Not only do our products integrate with Microsoft Office and email out of the box, but our solutions provide robust tools to easily integrate with your existing web sites, or other key systems.
  • Industry Standard Software Architecture
    Our solutions are based upon market leading software development tools and databases. Don't increase your risk by investing in non-standard technology and be "locked in" to a vendor.
  • Experienced and Professional Implementation Consultants
    The services provided by your business partner is as important as the software application. Our consultants are experienced (most have been with us for more than 10 years) and professional (most have held positions in industry such as controller, VP operations, etc). They add significantly more value than simply teaching your staff how to use the software.

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